July 20, 2017


The first week of Summer Camps, with a topic of recycling, finished, and it gave its place to the second week, dedicated to the folk traditions of the village of Deão.
On Monday, with the help of Sílvia's grandfather, one of the few people who still knows how to make caroças in the village, we learned how to make caroças, a dress made with reeds that men and women wore in ancient times to protect themselves from wind and rain. We were very surprised to see how complicated and meticulous this job is!

July 06, 2017


Good Morning!
I am Angel and today I will talk about my main project as a volunteer at AJD: the garden project.
I had been interested in horticulture for a long time, but in Barcelona, a big city, it was very difficult to learn about it. Luckily, at AJD I found the moment, the space and the time to learn how to build an organic garden. Therefore, I am very happy to have done this project and to be able to finally introduce you to the garden of the AJD because, after weeks of digging, preparing the ground, planting, sowing and watering, the project has begun to take shape and finally, from a spot where there was only land and grass, came the long-awaited organic garden.