July 29, 2015


"I have never eaten this much salt in my life!" This is a common phrase among surf beginners that we were "blessed" to say last Saturday, too. We received a surf class at the C.A.R Surf School in Cabedelo, close to Viana on the opposite side of the Rio Lima. Imagine our excitement when we heard about it, just dreaming of standing on the board, surfin' the waves, wind in our hairs - and the cruel reality of falling off before we could even stand up, the board hitting our heads and not being able to come to the surface for very long seconds.

July 27, 2015


We have a new project and we would like to share it with you! The Centro is a paroquial social institution, combining a day care centre and an old people's home, where Melanie was hired to make a photo album of the toddlers and Gretel to plant a nice little garden with the old people.

July 20, 2015


Last week we took a trip through different European cultures, in order to show how multicultural our association is. We have the Portuguese majority, ourselves, from Romania and Germany, Bibi, who is a born and raised Parisienne, while communication is a mix of Portuguese, German, French and English. 

July 05, 2015


If you have been online lately you can't have missed this new trending saying. You get it as a T-shirt, phone cover and whatnot. After having passed it for like the sixteenth time, it actually struck me how representative it is for the Portuguese culture, and that for two reasons...