June 28, 2015


The summer holiday Ludoteca is finally here! The same fun and educative activities we have been conducting up till now but without any school homeworks, yeeey. Main monitors of the theme-based weeks will be Bibi, Jerusa, Andreia and Ana Sofia, and as usual, every Friday the two of us will be holding the day's activity.

June 27, 2015


First beach weekend and it has been lovely! One of the first things I have googled after deciding to move to Portugal was nice sandy beaches close to Viana. Afife, some kilometres outside of Viana, was the most popular that came up, being a surfers' beach and not that windy as the beaches in the city.

June 07, 2015


Yes we did it! We built our own graffiti painted - not sprayed - Berlin Wall. Together with the history teacher of the School in Lanheses and the ninth-graders and as part of the school's cultural week we found a way to combine the celebrations of freedom and democracy and of the school's 25th year of existence.

June 02, 2015


The month of May was dedicated to teaching children's rights to the kids that frequent the AJD's after school program at the Ludoteca. It's been years that Bibi has been performing activities related to this topic with the children, and this year she asked us to expand the theme over a whole month and produce a video for the International Children's Day on June 1st.